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Holistic Business Strategy

“Conscious businesses create lasting value as the world evolves to even greater levels of prosperity, helping billions of people flourish and lead lives infused with passion, purpose, love and creativity — a world of freedom, harmony, prosperity and compassion.”


Indagba, which translates to "in growth" in Yoruba - sits at the intersection of mindfulness and business growth strategy in order to help socially conscious people and companies grow into their full potential in order to not only change their lives, but the world. 

We all know that what we put in the universe is indicative of what we will get back. When you have an innovative idea or are a company that is striving to change the world, it's incredibly important that you build it out with intention and clarity. 

Burnout? Lack of Impact? Profits over people?

Enter Indagba. 

We offer holistic awareness, accessible transformation for impact, and intentional strategy.

Partnering with us will help you on your path to greatness by giving you the tools, resources, and support you truly need to get you there.  

 The results? True wellness for the greater good, purpose fueled passion, and sustainable growth.

So How Does It Work?

It’s magic—at least a little bit! It’s only when we’re “in growth” that the magic can happen. Indagba helps guide your growth in the direction you want. You’ll be better able to define your goals and better equipped to start growing to meet them. So we’ll bring some magic, and you’ll bring some too.