The world we live in is changing rapidly. We can no longer rely on old systems and beliefs.
We can no longer speak into silos. We can no longer build tables where we’re not welcome.
The issues that mean the most to us won’t be solved by others. We need to start building
our own tables and inviting like-minded people to join us at them.

I founded Indagba to do just that: to partner with creators, innovators, and disruptors; to share
what I’ve learned growing businesses ranging from Fortune 5 corporations to trade associations to start-ups; to help build the businesses that truly believe in conscious capitalism and helping others; to teach the tools from
mindfulness that I’ve learned (and am still learning); and to help those who are ready to do the work.

Now, more than ever, we need to bring mindfulness and business together.
I’m here to build that bridge and a table where we can all sit.


A play on the Yoruba—my ethnic tribe in Nigeria— word “idagba” meaning “growth.”

Indagba helps socially conscious people and organizations be “in growth”
toward their full potential. We should strive to always be “in growth” because that’s where magic happens. Growth is how we change our lives. It’s how we change the world.